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Campaigns are at the core of who we are and what we do. Your monthly donation to Planetfunder will help us continue to grow.

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We connect great people and great projects to produce great results for environmental campaigns.

Become a supporter of Planetfunder today and help fund the activists and campaigns that are making a difference around the world. 


We are based in the Byron Bay shire, Northern New South Wales, a tiny team of volunteers in regional Australia who, for the past several decades, have connected to a global commmunity of earth carers.

We support unsung heroes on the frontlines who are rescuing and rehabilitating endangered wildlife, protecting habitat, planting trees, aiding scientific research and people who live in the rainforests to create sustainable communities.


Now we need YOUR support!


Our website, went live on 2 November 2013. I'm enormously proud that from November 2013-October 2016, Planetfunder enabled $460,000 AUD in online donations to be distributed to the Rainforest Information Centre and 50 other environmental projects around the world. 

Better still, 100% of funds raised went to charity!


Planetfunder is actively growing supporters for the environment as a social enterprise - PlanetFunder Pty Ltd. a registered Australian Company headquartered in Mullumbimby, Northern New South Wales.

We’re more determined than ever to keep adding to our list of achievements in delivering YOUR support to conservation campaigns!


Now it's time for us to ask for YOUR help!

By becoming a Planetfunder monthly giver, you'll be supporting our community of earth innovators who have the potential to achieve positive environmental, social, and economic impacts for our planet.

Our champions are seed-stage permaculture entrepreneurs, social enterprises exploring peer to peer fundraising, or non-profits  shut out of government funding, large foundation grants and other sources of philanthropic funding.  

But, if the right seeds get some water, soil and sunshine, they can move to the next stage and grow rapidly and multiply their harvest for generations to come.


Will you help us grow this seed?

This website and our misison- the maintenance of the biological integrity of planet earth – needs everyone's support!

We are seeking your help through a recurring monthly donation to help us support Planetfunder.

An small gift every month is the very best way to support our vision and ALL the projects and activists we serve. 

For as little as $10 per month you'll be supporting us to create something that grows, now and into the future, with greater certainty in what we can achieve. 


Crowdfunding on means 100% of funds go directly to support the mission - to spark global community action on earth restoration. helps us to do that by raising funds to support projects we undertake in partnership with other organisations protecting and restoring the environment.

Please help us to keep our campaigns and projects growing and producing outcomes for people and the planet.

Because of our outspoken advocacy, donations made to support our website are not tax deductible in Australia.



Many thanks!




Mark White

Co-Founder and Director


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Your monthly gift to help Planetfunder grow!

Help us grow!


Your monthly gift to help Planetfunder grow!

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Your monthly gift to help Planetfunder grow!