The Bentley Effect Movie

Championed by:  Brendan Shoebridge, Susie Forster

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$49,190  raised
$38,610 needed

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Deadline  31 July 2015

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about the project

The Bentley Effect Movie

Brendan Shoebridge, Susie Forster



It’s about sharing the Bentley story with the world.

Whether you’re a farmer, a student, a banker, a teacher or even a miner, chances are you spend time outdoors, enjoying fresh clean air and nature. Today, vast areas of Australia are covered by unconventional gas mining licences. To put it simply, this means the mining industry and its supporters would have as much as half of this country become a network of gasfields.

And no-one wants to live in a gasfield.

We are seeking your help to crowdfund the rough cut of The Bentley Effect, a feature film that documents the extraordinary events that led to the suspension of the mining companies license.This film will be an inspirational look at one of Australia’s fastest growing social movements, as the community declared themselves protectors of the land and gasfield free. This now famous standoff forces us to ask the question - what is truly valuable?


I support the campaign for The Bentley Effect. Brendan and Susie are skilled filmmakers, and Brendan has tirelessly documented the extraordinary bipartisan community campaign to save the Bentley Valley and preserve the environment and water table for the future of our whole region. This story must be completed and brought to wide audiences.

Lois Randall, Producer of The Gods of Wheat Street on ABC1



This film will change how you think about community

The events at Bentley are now described as the ‘Eureka Stockade’ of our time.
The film will be a good news story, a message of hope, and will show the world how a community can stand up to gasfield industrialisation.

We were there, cameras rolling, as the spectacle unfolded.

For those of you who experienced first-hand the transformative 3 months out at Camp Liberty, we hope to capture for you the magic and the highs and lows of that remarkable time. For those who supported from home, just heard about it in the news, or for the first time now, this film will be an insight into the unprecedented journey of the people who built the movement, those who answered the call and the spirit of the land.


“We all need inspiring wins to keep us going. We can stand up to the big boys and take them on. The Bentley Effect will chart just that. This was a win of gargantuan proportions and should be heralded from rooftop to rooftop, sending those rapacious miners into a tailspin. The people spoke. The people WON! Now its time to tell that story and inspire other communities to take a stand and chase the greedy bastards off our sacred land. Not for sale. Not for profit."

David Bradbury, Filmmaker


“I couldn't think of two better people to be driving this incredibly important project that tells the story of Bentley. Brendan has shown endless passion for documenting the CSG story in the Northern Rivers and has the all important high level skills with a camera, matched with a flair for dramatic editing. Complementing Brendan's ability is the talented and hard-working Susie Forster - Susie possesses the ability to tell a good story, and brings a straight shooting, creative approach to each and every project. I am looking forward to seeing this project succeed.”

Ken Crouch, Northern Rivers Screenworks




How the funds will be used:

As filmmakers we understand the herculean task of editing a film like this. A feature documentary, in particular, requires months of work to craft into an engaging, accurate and entertaining story.

We anticipate two editors working full time for 6 months for this first stage.  Completion funds will need to be sought once the rough cut is finished, towards the end of 2015. We have hundreds of hours of footage to review and are already getting fantastic help from volunteers with logging.

Labour has been offered to the project at a discounted community rate of $25/hour based on a 10 hour day.

Two full-time editors for 26 weeks = $65,000

16 days of additional filming = $4000

We will need to buy two working drives for the editors

32 TB RAID drive x 2 = $6,800

We’re working with a local composer on music compositions for the soundtrack on the film.

Music Composition = $2,500

Crafting the most compelling story into 80 minutes is what it’s about. From the back story of conservation and activism in this region and how unconventional gas mining on the North Coast first came to light, to choosing the main characters in our story, and covering the emotional content of the blockade. We’ll need to get ourselves a script consultant to help us hit the story beats.

Approximately 6 days script consulting = $3,000

We’ve set up a company structure to enable the crowd-funding and production

1 company= $1,200

We’re setting up The Bentley Effect web archive where we’ll share a lot of the interviews and information that we have gathered over the last 4 years that will help other communities skill-share, link up and protect themselves if they have to.

Web design and online archive = $2,500

Legals and insurances = $2,800

TOTAL: $87,800

All donations made to this Campaign are Tax Deductible!


Meet the Filmmakers

Director: Brendan Shoebridge

Brendan has followed and captured the movement against unconventional gas mining in the Northern Rivers since early 2011. After producing Fractured Country – An Unconventional Invasion for the Lock the Gate Alliance Brendan was well and truly sent  down the unconventional gas rabbit hole. In a previous life he worked for big fish such as Village Roadshow, AAV Digital Pictures, BSkyB and Clemenger BBDO (Melb). He currently works as a documentary director/cameraman/editor and resides in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. He is passionate about social and environmental issues and actively promotes sustainable living practices.

Producer: Susie Forster

Susie Forster has been directing, editing and producing both documentary, drama, community, music video and corporate films over the last decade in the Byron Shire, through her business Byron Bay Multimedia. She has a background in fine art, and her interests lie broadly in environmental, indigenous and social issues. Her short documentary Magpie Yerrubilgin Songman screened on NITV last year. She began following the unconventional gas mining issue with Brendan in 2012 when Coal Seam Gas the Musical was in pre-production in Lismore, filming the making of the production, and was a regular behind the camera at Bentley, cutting Uncle Yilla and Andrea Soler’s Welcome to Country. This year she directed the Nanna Wrap with Clare Twomey. Susie also teaches filmmaking at TAFE.

Some other great projects and outcomes:

Fractured Country – An Unconventional Invasion - by Brendan Shoebridge for Lock the Gate Alliance.




The Bentley Blockade was tipping point for an extraordinary social movement in the Northern Rivers to stop invasive gasfields. The mass-movement dynamics that arose have not been seen since the Eureka Stockade. What happened here? How did we unleash a torrent of altruism and generosity? How did we reach across what divides us to form a genuine broad-based social movement? And how did the campaign keep drawing people in, until, as one, we stood at Bentley to stop the drill rig moving in? With corporations controlling policy through their influence and money, social movements are our way to restore democracy. The movement for a Gasfield Free Northern Rivers raised so much community power that the People could no longer be ignored. The decision-makers started listening. Across our country, communities are trying to defend themselves from invasive gasfields and coal mines. It's a David v Goliath struggle. We need stories of how winning social movements pulse and breathe...what animates them. Let's get this inspiring story out there! Will you help make it happen?

-  Annie Kia

Good luck with the crowd funding and thank you for documenting such an incredible time in our community. looking forward to watching it when it's finished :)

-  Angie Gittus

Saw the trailer...look forward to the movie..

-  Cheryle Van Ameyde

It's great to be part of such a worthwhile project, thanks for creating this Susie and Brendan

-  David Froggatt

Great idea. Looking forward to the finished film.

-  Charlotte Samiec

I saw the trailer yesterday (31 May 2015) at the Lismore Workers Club. Can't wait to see the finished product. Good luck Brendan and Susan.

-  Jenny Leunig

Be part of history... will you put in?

-  Jill Keogh

To document the history of this social movement is so very important - hopefully it will encourage other communities in Australia and around the world in the ongoing efforts to save our land, water and air and all the species of flora and fauna that rely upon these 3 vital components of life on our planet. Government, when combined with big business corporations, can seem to be an immovable mountain, but in the face of a determined and peaceful community that mountain can actually be moved! It might seem to be just by little steps at a time but eventually we do see the movement!

-  Ross And Rosemary Joseph

Good luck to you all on this project, and thank you for fighting the good fight on behalf of us who live far away, but carry in our heart the beauth of this area.

-  Monica Kennedy

Good luck to you all on this project, and thank you for fighting the good fight on behalf of us who live far away, but carry in our heart the beauty of this area.

-  Monica Kennedy

Brendan, you were there at the beginning and all of us peeps in the Keerrong Gas Squad want to thank you for your passion and persistence. We know that you and Susie will do a top job and you are so right - this is a story that needs to be told. It is simply inspiring and has changed our lives forever.

-  Keerrong Gas Squad

What you are doing is fantastic; Protecting the Earth and bringing people together. The more people that know about the harm fracking creates and the power of harnessing 'people power' in a positive way, the better!

-  Victoria Gravell

This film, will help thousands of people realise the POWER WE HAVE WHEN WE UNITE TOGETHER ! I think I remember one of the founding GrandMothers of GMAR, ( GrandMothers Against Removals), say that they had been motivated by our Bentley Success, and following in the footsteps of the 1970's Black Activists, they have banded together, and are Speaking Out, with More Strength, than they had Alone, about the ongoing Forced Removals of First Nation children. Long live The Bentley Effect ! At Camp Liberty, as we heard of our Win, we heard about 3 Anti Fracking Camps in the UK, that had just been set up. One called itself Camp Bentley !

-  Meggan Jack

The story of the roller coaster ride that we have been on for over 4 years that culminated at Bentley, hopefully forever for the Northern Rivers. Brendon is the perfect person to tell the tale, he was there for the ups and downs and celebrated and grieved with us. An incredible story of some ordinary people who became incredible because they had to be, and how the community united to show the corporations and government who were dancing to their every tune that real power can't be bought, it has to come from the heart.

-  Ian Gaillard

Have fun!

-  Peter Brennan

Very happy to be involved with this project and able to give some financial support!

-  Param Berg


-  Lisa Barry

You will make a wonderful film!

-  Olwyn Heathwood

Thank you for making this film,proud to be a part of the fundraiser.Love to all of us.

-  Anne Mackenzie

Nice going you two. Susie you shot some wonderful footage of "Kevin" Uncle Yillah at Bentley. There is a bit of footage of him in your teaser but mainly just his anger, which to my mind is legitimate, and its true I don't know background I can't help thinking you should include a good sit down interview with this man. I think he is one of the best natural indigenous orators I have ever seen in this country.....

-  David Hancock

Honoured to help get the info out of what happened up there. Thanks for doing what you are doing!

-  Debbie & Robert Mc Intyre & Mills

Bentley was one of the most inspiring experiences of my life....that feeling of driving through the dark and seeing a line of cars in front of us and behind us and knowing we were a small part of a larger movement to help save this land. Good on you for making this film that will give hope to other communities.

-  Amanda Hale

Bentley was such an awe inspiring campaign to be part of and I believe this film will be capable of inspiring others to mobilise, to get connected and to protect what is precious to them. I don't think this movement would have achieved what it did without the tireless commitment of people like you two documenting every moment and keeping these companies and government accountable for their every decision. I can almost taste the popcorn on the films opening night! Bring on Cannes! Thank you for every late night and early morning, all the miles you drove, all the cramps from holding cameras, and all time you lost over those five years doing what you'd otherwise be able to do. You're a hero to me xxx

-  Amanda Shoebridge

This is an important story that needs to be told, so thanks for making this possible. Hopefully by seeing this story it will give more people the courage to get involved. Our governments are failing us and we must act to defend our water, land, air: our future.

-  Debbie Carruthers

All the best Brendon and Susie, happy project Bentley Effect XX

-  Jennifer Lewis

Metgasco's proposed 'Rosella EO1' gas well at Bentley was a direct threat to our beautiful, productive and peaceful valley, so typical of the Northern Rivers. One example of the "Bentley Effect" was the formation of our group - the Bentley Gate Keepers, with the Eastern Rosella, flying free, as our emblem. We are a strong and active group of local people who are united in our determination to resist invasion by the gas industry.

-  Bentley Gate Keepers

As a resident of Melbourne, I have been alerted by my niece who lives at Bentley, in the Northern Rivers, to the strength of the campaign against the invasive gas industry. I hope that this movie might strike the right chord with city folk so that they too can join in this important nation-wide campaign to save our land, water and air.

-  Ted Tomlin

Go team! love your work :)

-  Elly Bird

Infinite growth is corporate delusion supported by puppet politicians. People power protects our precious planet.

-  Ari Ehrlich

The tide of destruction of our land is turning, Let the whole earth be now flooded with care. End to the egos the

-  Kay Ashton

The tide of destruction of land is turning, let the whole earth be now flooded with care. End to the egos, the greed and the cursing, respect for the beauty, the bounty that's there, In rivers and mountains and streams underground, in the trees, in the creatures, in the sky, in the air, In the hearts of the people who are seeking a new way, to live without taking more than their share.

-  Kay Ashton

Sorry I couldn't afford to give more!!!!! Good luck!

-  Diana Langley

best of luck with the crowd funding. I've posted on facebook and seen a few people do the same. Cheers for the great work. I look forward to seeing the finished movie!

-  Larisa Barnes

Brendan and Sue have been able to capture an inspiring story of a united community exercising its rights through organisation, education, activism and non-violence. All this in the face of an industry that threatens their (our) very way of life, and, unfortunately, our future. It is an inspiring story, and they are inspiring film-makers. Please donate and be part of making this film.

-  John Mc Pherson

Hi if by chance you dont hit your target what will you do with the donation will it be refunded?

-  Kieran Weston

Wonderful to be a part of this. I know The Bentley Effect Movie will inspire many more people to become involved in protecting our precious, beautiful land from becoming an industrial wasteland. I agree with Nan Nicholson who tells us in the film that when our backs are against the wall it is our duty to blockade! Dig deep folks. Share the message with your friends and tell them to donate and share. Let's ensure Brendan and Susie can get this wonderful film out there to the world!

-  Julie Gerrish

Wonderful to be a part of this. I know The Bentley Effect Movie will inspire many more people to become involved in protecting our precious, beautiful land from becoming an industrial wasteland. I agree with Nan Nicholson who tells us in the film that when our backs are against the wall it is our duty to blockade! Dig deep folks. Share the message with your friends and tell them to donate and share. Let's ensure Brendan and Susie can get this wonderful film out there to the world!

-  Julie Gerrish

Good on you guys. Can't wait to see the film!

-  Domini Forster

Thanks for putting the effort. Good luck!

-  Erwan Quelennec

Great to show people working together can generate change ..Enough ants can move an elephant

-  Gwen Trimble

Good onya ! Go Brendan and Susie. Sad that it's come to this but people power and trust will win over greed.

-  Vivi Royston

Thanks Brendan and Susie for your keen eye and dedication!

-  Benjamin Nowland

Good Luck. The preview so far looks excellent.

-  Zell Bennett

It seems that even lolly shop ladies can become "extremists"! I feel totally honoured and inspired to have been even just a small part of this amazing "Effect". The rest of our country and the world need to know our story. They need to know that when you live in a democracy and people from all walks of life stand together (as we all did); the impossible can become possible. Wishing you all the very best of luck with the production, Brendan and Susie. Please everyone- dig deep to bring this to fruition!!!!

-  Robin Kanters

Thank you all Bentley protectors. I was there too.

-  Narelle Jarvis

Thank you and good luck

-  Claire Chatfield

The shorts brought tears to my eyes!

-  Penelope Gibson

Good on you and thank you for working so hard for us!!!

-  Janelle Webster

good luck

-  Fiona Gordon

It's going to be a great movie!

-  Graeme Batterbury

Good on you both and good luck. I have some footage from my phone on the morning of the declaration of the suspension down at camp with Ian listening to the news in his car. Let me know if u want it xxx

-  Wendy Royston

Thanks heaps for doing this Brendan and Susie. L O xx

-  Olga Tresz

Good cause. I hope that this makes a difference. I believe in putting my money where my mouth is and I'm opposed to the destruction that CSG will bring to essential water and food, farms, the environment and biodiversity, local communities, lifestyle and visual amenity. The 'short' looks excellent. Best wishes.

-  Faye Smith

good on you everyone, it's a message of hope that need to be shared and encourage others to persevere in the battles ahead, thanks for such big effort you have and are making. we the Bentley protector will be happy to be inspired again and watch such great event by sooo many, bless you one and all ,Angela

-  Angela Dalu

This is a film that just has to be made and I am very proud to be a part of it. Good luck Brendan and Susie xx

-  Anne Thompson

This is a film that just has to be made and I am very proud to be a part of it. Good luck Brendan and Susie xx

-  Anne Thompson

Sleeping under the Nannadome in May 2014, the night before 850 police were expected to arrive, was a feeling like no other. It was shocking and incredibly bewildering to think a government would go to such lengths to allow our public police force to become the private security guards of a misleading commercial company. I felt so proud as a Northern Rivers mother of four and to know 100% in my heart that what we were all doing was the right thing to do. Thank you to our amazing film makers who worked all hours day and night filming an event that changed Australian history. Our family is so pleased to support and be a part of this film to give hope, strength and courage to other communities to stand together for our children's futures. Louise, Richard, Sebastian, Jesse, Grace and Tully Somerville xxxxxx

-  Louise Somerville

The Knockout blow... It is coming.. Hang in there and fight the good fight... Their day is coming... Be sure their ways will catch up with them... ;-)

-  Dean Winwood

Good on you! Excited to see the finished result.

-  Laila Bell

A movie about a community standing united to demand what is right and just. Can't wait to see it!

-  Kim Curtis

This film has to be made.

-  Gwilym Summers

-  Merryl Reville

Nothing more important than protecting the living earth! Thank you! May your goal be met!

-  Satya Loka

The world needs to see this. Fracking is evil.

-  Will Lightburn

Love You All x

-  Jannine Barron

Yay you guys - I watched your passion, enthusiasm, hard work and commitment to documenting this amazing journey from the early days - I honour you both from the bottom of my heart - the Earth and all the Angels are singing in gratitude, Love L xxx

-  Liane Simons

Good onya's.

-  Colin Dutton

An example of people looking out for the planet. A positive world vision.

-  Glen & Dot Moller

Power to the People- United we Stand

-  Amanda Hawkins

Best of luck with it guys, truly inspirational effort. With your help the number of voices will grow.

-  Josh Fergusson

People need to realise Humans are at war with the planet - and we actually can't win. Peace on Earth.

-  Claudia Gaber

There are so many things wrong with this world at the moment, it is hard to know where to look for a solution. Being a part of the protectors at Bentley has been a truly inspiring experience. We assembled in love and peace and found that the most important thing was our interconnection, our oneness, and it is this evolution of consciousness that is the true diamond in the shit.

-  Alexandra Manzi Fe

Teaser was amazing. Just that. I can't wait for the doco.

-  Robyn Kirk

WRONG error message. I put in the wrong month for my credit card, but the error message was completely different (strange wording something about name/source--test it yourself--can't remember) finally figured it out, but almost gave up.

-  John Travis

Looking forward to seeing the movie --- make it 90 mins.

-  Felicity Cahill

Thank you for making this film and educating us all on the power of will and intent when it is fueled by love for this earth and the desire to protect her.

-  Audrey Bunn

Good Luck with your fight!

-  Lee Stephenson

Well done to all involved, such an important time in the history of our region. Its been an honour to be involved, I will never forget my time at Bentley. xxx

-  Louise Mc Mahon

Well done on initiating the film project! It will be so worthwhile to capture the essence of humanity and our power which we often times are duped into believing we don't have! Well done to all involved at Bentley.


Go for it!!!. Thank you.

-  Brendan Morrow

It's up to us!!!

-  Kerrie Chandler

It is so important that the truth about CSG gets out to as many people as possible all over the world before it is too late. Your film conveys this message so beautifully . . . and the passion for protecting mother earth shines through so strongly it brought me to tears.

-  Margi Bruce

Great trailer Brendan, i wish you heaps of success, thanks for conveying so beautifully what we are all so passionate about. XXZARA

-  Zara Elwood

I sincerely thank all those people involved in the making of this project - all the best, we the silent thousands thank you :)

-  Kathy Devine

To the people of the UK this film will be both a warning and a message of hope. Please make it available for screenings in our towns and villages.

-  Eddie Thornton

Tell the world about the power of the people….

-  Martin Thackray

Well done all and the best of luck! We are fighting the good fight in the north west of Ireland and these films are very useful for our campaign

-  Susan Carton

So glad to help get this wonderful project off the ground. Onnya Suzie and Brendan xxxxx

-  Robyn & Simon Chance

Keep up the great work, this cracking must stop!

-  Valda Rogan

Great project. Can't wait for the finished movie.

-  Peter Rogers

Can't wait for the premier!

-  Binnie O'dwyer

All the best Brendan and Susie! Looking forward to this.

-  Hansa Natola

Well done. Can't wait to see the film.

-  Amanda Cook

All the best with the film - it's a truly worthy project.

-  Yvonne Hartman

Thanks for your awesome work and good luck with raising the money and finishing the film! Tom

-  Thomas Driftwood

Let's hope that at the end of the movie you can say that those PELs officially bit the dust.

-  Nanette Nicholson

Remember that your target audience is the unconverted - people who generally look and think differently to people in the 'green' movement. Therefore be careful not to inflame prejudices that will negate your message ie. lots of shots of 'ferals' (as perceived) dancing!

-  lyndy moss

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be involved in a small way in raising awareness that we need CSG.

-  Lisa Wolff

Very inspiring trailer, looking forward to your movie. Keep up your great work!

-  Michele Medcalf

How important is our environment, our water, our land and our health? And how valuable is it to us? Thanks Brendan and Susie to keep us aware.

-  Rolf Meier

This story restores hope. We need this story to go BIG.

-  Aletha Zylstra

Paypal payment options would be an improvement and would result in more donations. I personal would prefer to Paypal rather then card. PS keep up the good work. Sebastien Sledge

-  Sebastien Sledge

Paypal payment options would be an improvement and would result in more donations. I personal would prefer to Paypal rather then card. PS keep up the good work. Sebastien Sledge

-  Sebastien Sledge

If you have been part of the Bentley movement it will bring back so many memories. If you haven't been part yet then this movie will inspire you. It is called 'The Bentley Effect'...

-  Jens Warnsholdt

Such an inspiring story and the movie will keep the ripples expanding.

-  David Allsop

It was a truly empowering experience, we all came together as a team, no matter what background.

-  Wendy Leighton

I just realised my email address is wrong, it should read,, please mail receipt to this email address. Thank you.

-  Christine Castrikum

Thank you for your assistance in helping us all to protect us all! PS: Can onscreen credit read: RAWNCHI - All Girl Rock n Blues Band (thank you x)

-  Rawnchi Rock N Blues Band

Good Luck with the movie!

-  Natalie Meyer

The Bentley Blockade was an incredible social movement in the Northern Rivers that sent a message of hope around the world. It was inspiring to be there and see our community come together and stand as one. Huge thanks to Brendan and Susie for all your amazing work xx Please donate!

-  Heather Dunn

Let's build the next "Bentley" in Queensland, Australia.

-  Lachlan Smith

Best wishes to everyone involved in this important project. In the decades ahead, the name 'Bentley' will be synonymous with the community's power and unity- it will inspire other ordinary people to do the extraordinary and create change.

-  Jenny Dowell

Loved the trailer. I'm so glad you guys are making this film - and spreading the word about your campaign to my students.

-  Cathy Henkel

So happy to support this project. Bentley Blockade will go down in history, and now there will be a record of it! If you can, please support.

-  Mina Hunt

Keep up the good work and thank you thank you thank you

-  Mary Maguire

Good luck with it guys and thankyou for making a difference.

-  Sharon Ross

Of all media, movies that tell compelling contemporary stories, with great music and landscapes, featuring people of all ages with passion in their hearts, plus goodies, baddies and a fearsome plot, are the most powerful. Support The Bentley Effect!

-  Jennie Dell

Good on you !! Can't wait to see the movie :)

-  Leah Schell

Hope you'll keep at it.

-  Geoff Davies

I feel so proud I was there at Bentley to be part of such a historic event for the protection of our fragile, precious lands.

-  Debra Lockett

It had to be done! Thank you, Brendan and Susie! The trailer was amazing and I know the movie will also be awesome!

-  Margaret Scheidler

Good luck - hope everything is working out for you.

-  Bob&Marg Brace

Keep up the good work. So much love and support

-  Xan Van De Faë

Keep up the good work. So much love and support

-  Xan Van De Faë

Please can you send me tax receipt to my name Suzie Deyris, and give any on screen credit to Gasfield Free Byron Bay. Thanks -

-  Suzie Deyris

This is a story that should be documented on film. Brendan and Susie - thanks for the great trailer and all your efforts - it will be a powerful film. Camille

-  Camille Scarf

Great work Brendan & Susie !

-  Frances De Glas

B and Stephie - you are inspirational people, loving spirits, warriors of spirit. xxx

-  Rukminii Athans

Onya Susie & Brendan, you're both bloody legends!

-  Scott Trevelyan

A consciousness of truth; of shared reality, of willingness to communicate, is developed through the cauldron of a community working together against an invading force. May the ripples of The Bentley Effect continue to inform, inspire and unite the peoples of this Earth!

-  Naomi Tarrant

Thank you all for standing up to government and corporate madness. Wishing you love laughter and success!

-  Verna Hamon

Thanks for your hard work on this essential movie

-  Anando Bharti

Go you good people!

-  Audrey Bunn

Great work you are doing! Bentley was indeed a miraculous victory, hope and inspiration brought me to tears when I heard of the news. Retelling the story for who wasn't actually there, I can't wait to see. Raising the awareness and gathering more and more of people power will see the day to stop completely this sad devastating destruction of our beautiful planet. Thank you for all of your hard work!

-  Kayoko Ito

We will make it!

-  Jana Pawlus

This is the proceeds from the first Bentley Effect raffle. MASSIVE thanks to Judi, Helen and The Keerrong Gas Squad for donating prizes, flogging so many tickets at so many events and HUGE thanks also to RJ Poole for his beautiful photo. Thankyou to everyone who bought a ticket - watch the clip on our Facebook site to see who won … it might be you !

-  Brendan Shoebridge

Thank you :)

-  Genevieve Searle

Thank-you Isaac Shapiro for your generous donation to the project. Lovely to see you at Ash's gig!

-  Susie Forster

A big thank-you to Hannah Prinn for your $200 worth of hot chocolates to thirsty dancers donation!

-  Susie Forster

Good luck Susie and Brendan!

-  Lois Randall

viva the revolution

-  John Burton

Thank you for your good work. Please, save a bit of a tree and no need to send a certificate. Email receipt already received. Thanks.

-  Simone Pfuhl

Go for it, guys! Wish I could give more.

-  Jake Flaherty

This amount $250 came from Mullumbimby Community Action Network account, now being closed, in recognition of your fab project and also all the beautiful film clips that Susie made for us over the years. Thanks Susie!!

-  Deborah Lilly

Great work Susie & all, I am sure it will make Poli's take notice of us.

-  Peter Wadams

Wish I was in a position to pledge a bit more. Really liked the trailer Suzie - and good to see you're still following your passion. Would love to get in touch again.

-  Kerry Gray

Best wishes, Brendan. All success to you and your colleagues!

-  Tessa Whiteman

Here is another $70 raised by the wonderful Hannah Prinn at the Lismore Farmers market - thanks for the great support Hannah.

-  Brendan Shoebridge

Good luck and all power to you through the hard yards of editing.

-  Vanessa Gorman

I'm in Kwinana, WA. and v concerned re fracking. Have promoted Frackman for viewing 22nd July. After 700 email outreach, have 30 bottoms on seats.... it's Kwinana! i just want to get a campaign happening and need advice re strategies that built Bentley Effect ,to make a big noise in my home town. sam @tsamma

-  Sandra Low

The message needs to get out. People need to be inspired. This film will do that - for people all around the planet. The Bentley Effect is ongoing. You too can be a heroine/hero :)

-  Amanda Doran

As Polly Higgins says "Our Time has Come".

-  Stephen Robards

A story that needs to be told.

-  Kathryn Cowley

Good luck.

-  Claire Bettington

Being involved in the early morning ceremonies and contributing in other ways has been the most rewarding thing that I have ever done in my life. People Power brings much joy!

-  Steve Bell

This $1000 donation was the proceeds from Kyogle GAG's Trivia Night. I was presented with a cheque from Jhabel on Saturday night at their Bush Dance fund raiser - what a great night! MASSIVE thanks to all involved - we are thrilled by the wonderful support from the Kyogle mob - you guys are amazing :)

-  Brendan Shoebridge

Good luck with your project I am a Volunteer for Citizens' Climate Lobby (Australia). Check out their carbon pricing proposal at Regards, Howard

-  Howard Witt

An inspirational moment in time - when the educated majority draw a line in the sand in order to protect all tht is special about our region.

-  Jeff Johnson

Sent with love from the UK - stop the frackers!

-  Jo White

With this pledge I make a wish - that your film will help the blind to see and the deaf to hear and for all to understand what should be obvious - the earth we walk on the water we drink without them we become extinct.“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.” Albert Einstein

-  Jenny Mansfield

Thank you for highlighting the wisdom of the indigenous Australians

-  Hilary Giovale

A beautiful creation .....thankyou all involved xxxx

-  Karen Mc Lean

A beautiful creation .....thankyou all involved xxxx

-  Karen Mc Lean

It's inspiring to hear of such a united effort by the community to stand up for our land, our natural resources and our environment. Thank you to the filmmakers for documenting this and bringing it to the wider community.

-  Ingrid Gang

This is so exciting, please could Australian/NZ Netflix buy the movie for all to see! Good luck. Best wishes.

-  Anabelle Pousson

Good luck. Do email when the film is complete and released. We will be interested in WA! Thanks Christopher

-  Christopher Macfarlane

Good luck. I look forward to watching it. I hope it achieves the desired outcome sof change? How will you use funds if you don't reach the target?

-  Caroline Druce

Thank you. Looking forward to the movie.

-  Felicity Cahill

Thank you for your perseverance

-  Michael Greenslade

All the very best with it

-  Donna Byer

Thank you for fighting on the front line. If you don't raise enough keep trying. I only found out about this one day before the deadline. Thanks again, Ruth.

-  Ruth O'dowd

Go hard, peoples...

-  Todd Williams


-  Christopher Deutscher

thankyou, from our 2 children

-  Gavin Leya

Look forward to seeing this story being told and happy to support such talented filmmakers.

-  Lisa O'meara

Good luck. This is a great project. the word needs to get out to as many people as you can reach. Namaste

-  Michelle Kennedy

I am wishing you every success on your project. It is both essentially important and timely.

-  Dari Haddon

Thank you for making such à good film of such wonderful people and such a good cause!

-  Maaike Wiersma

Glad we could assist & contribute financially, as well as physically, emotionally & spiritually to the 'Bentley Effect' , for the land and future generations to come ... ;-)

-  Simone Weihermann

Go good people! Bentley hugs all round. jeremy and Claire.

-  Jeremy White

People Power !

-  Christine Whalan

All i would like to say ,is that we all need to stick together and make a Positive Change for the Future ,and for our Children's Future !!! Who wants to DRINK toxic WATER !!!! I don't and not just Us, but to All Animal Kingdom as well !!! Thanks we are all doing a Great Job !! Lets make it Happen !!

-  Lyn Olive

This looks inspiring and wonderful and needs to get out. Thank you.

-  Sharon Delgado

Good work guys! Can't wait to see it xxx

-  Dionne Payn

This project is testimony to the love and dedication this region has for protecting its land for now and eternity. This is where all the sane people live!

-  Jo Andreasen

Let's keep the Northern River a Gasfield Free region!

-  Carlos Vieira Silva

Well deserving project well deserving cause it was my total honour to be part of standing up to protect our beautiful northern rivers from csg by spending many a day working out at Bentley and what a result power to the people!!

-  Tash Fuller

An important reminder of a very important event!

-  Beverley Crossley

Waiting for the movie, already in the book.

-  Chris Stoker

A very worthwhile and commendable project, goods luck!

-  Cassarina Duckett

good luck

-  Fiona Gordon

Thanks you awesome people!

-  Catherine Smith

I was privileged to be at Bentley as I believe this is the most important issue of our time. By this, I mean governments can no longer ignore the will of the people. The people have, out of necessity, enforced their own will on the government. We had to stand up to be counted, we were united and we made history. Congratulations to those protectors who were there day after day, standing up for the rights of every Australian.

-  Danielle Mulholland

Great, highly important work. Keep it up!

-  Walter Oechel

I live in Lancashire, England, we are on the front line here fighting against Fracking, my heart goes out to you down there in Australia, stay strong, stay focused, stay together , we will win in our fight to protect the earth xx

-  Gillian Kavanagh