Help 8 forest defenders who stopped illegal logging

Championed by:  Ed Hill

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Help 8 forest defenders who stopped illegal logging

Ed Hill


On December 15th conservationists from Goongerah Environment Centre took direct action to stop an illegal VicForests logging operation in the St Patricks river forests in far East Gippsland.


Logging was occurring in threatened species habitat without a legally required pre-logging survey for protected wildlife. VicForests are required by law to identify and protect threatened species habitat. Illegal logging of rainforest buffers had also occurred, in breach of the logging Code of Practice.


Remarkably, after just one day of action and a letter from lawyers representing Environment East Gippsland, VicForests agreed to stop logging in the coupe and the logging contractors have left.

It was an amazing result and successfully prevented the destruction of large areas of high conservation value forest home to threatened species. Most of the forest remains intact and safe from VicForests lawless logging regime.

Of the 20 brave people who physically stopped the logging for the day and helped achieve this fantastic result, 8 of them were issued $500 fines. They need your help to pay them off quickly so they can continue to act, get back on the frontline and stand up for our environment.  

Several areas of threatened species habitat are scheduled for logging without having legally required wildlife surveys completed. These areas may also be logged in breach of the law and we need to keep a close eye on operations. 

Can you spare a few dollars to help these legends out?

They risked a lot to take this action, but it was so worth it. Illegal logging has stopped, and the forests of the St Patricks river area and the wildlife they house remain safe for now!


Some other great outcomes

Some of you may have donated to our previous PlanetFunder campaign in support of three conservationists to challenge fines issued for exposing illegal rainforest logging.

These funds are sitting within a legal defence fund, we are waiting to receive a court summons and then will engage lawyers and spend the funds. We are ready to go and well-resourced and prepared thanks to your help.

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Good luck with it all. Good on you for saving the forest from the loggers.

-  Claire Bettington


-  Susie Russell

Thanks guys!

-  Keith Vagg

Good stuff guys.

-  Ellie Burke

good on you champions let's stop logging native forests

-  Keith Hughez

True Heroes, thank you for your endless determination to protect our amazing forests

-  W Harrap

What an insult to have to pay to legally protest against illegal logging by VicForests! 8 x $500=$4000, who benefits from that? Sorry I can't pay more to support you for a job so very well done! The critters are thanking you!

-  Margo Van Der Voort

Well done to those out there on-ground. We need you and appreciate you. May the Lorax be with You.

-  Geraldene Dalby Ball

Thank you for protecting this precious forest. We need to look after it for the sake of the planet and future generations.

-  Marjorie Wardlaw

To my heroes, thank you for a great outcome. I can now enjoy this festive season happily knowing the wildlife in the St Patrick river area is also enjoying living their lives too.

-  Hieu Huynh

Great work everyone

-  Sue Ellen Smith

Good on you all for being on the front line.

-  Peter Berbee

To the 8 forest champions who stood up against VicForests regarding illegal logging in East Gippsland, thank you for what you did. For the protection of our native forests - you rock!

-  Jessica Salter

Thanks for doing the hard yards, guys! Been out in the Gippsland bush this morning - so glad there are people like you out there keeping it safe for us to enjoy into the future :)

-  Frances La Fontaine

Thank you for your efforts

-  Alison Salmons

Thank you so much for doing such amazing, inspiring work and saving Victoria's beautiful forests. You are all absolute legends.

-  Kate Wattchow

Merry Christmas Kate, who requested this as her gift this year. And good on you to all involved!

-  Ruth Chapman

Brilliant Work - thank you folks - and thank you Ed for keeping me in the loop

-  Tracey Dixon

Keep up the great work!

-  Paul Martin

Fantastic work you guys, thanks so much

-  John Seed

Well done guys! Thank you so much for standing up for the forests. Big love to you all

-  Kim Hamilton

Well done guys! Thank you so much for standing up for the forests. Big love to you all

-  Kim Hamilton

great work people, so glad you are trying to make a difference

-  Nola Sanders


-  Peter Kurz

Well done for a successful protest!

-  Kayla Mackinnon

My Christmas 'Goat' gift is going to the heroes who persist in holding Vicforests responsible for their acts of vandalism.

-  Jill Koppel

Well done you blokes, I hope you get ALL this money, as getting it to you via this site was a pain!

-  Glenn Henke

Thanks guys

-  Susanna Bady