Walking for Climate Action - Byron Bay to Brunswick Heads

Championed by:  Dave Rawlins, Ella Goninan, Community Owned Renewable Energy Mullumbimby , Nina Bishop, Tim Hodgson, Carolyn Tyrer, Alice Moffett, Joanne Langton, Lucinda Cox, Amelia Hicks

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$950  raised
$1,550 needed

This project has completed

Deadline  30 June 2016

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Walking for Climate Action - Byron Bay to Brunswick Heads

Dave Rawlins, Ella Goninan, Community Owned Renewable Energy Mullumbimby , Nina Bishop, Tim Hodgson, Carolyn Tyrer, Alice Moffett, Joanne Langton, Lucinda Cox, Amelia Hicks


We are walking for action on climate change.


We are concerned about the impacts climate change will have on people and the planet. We want to take action to grow awareness and raise funds to build new renewable energy projects that are owned by our local community. Currently in Australia 1/3 of our greenhouse gas pollution comes from electricity - we need to run on renewables. 

We are walking on Saturday May 28th, 12.5 km from Byron to Brunswick Heads, and you can show your support by making a tax deductible donation.

Money raised goes to support COREM - Community Owned Renewable Energy Mullumbimby - who are transitioning my local area to run on solar power.


COREM: Community-Owned Renewable Energy Mullumbimby


COREM has a solution that will also inspire other areas to act.

Your donation will help COREM install solar panels on community buildings.


COREM is now installing panels for the 12 kW Drill Hall Theatre project and aspires to install a total of 100 kW by the end of 2016.

Next projects include Mullumbimby showgrounds and the Mullumbimby STP.



Source: Byron Bay Echo


Money saved by the generation of this renewable solar electricity is used to install more solar panels on other community infrastructure – and the savings and installing solar panels then repeats quicker and faster.

It also enables the community host sites to be more financially independent. A truly sustainable solution to tackle carbon pollution and reduce the impacts of those most vulnerable to climate change, while also building our community’s resilience. 


Donations on Planetfunder are fully tax deductible!


COREM is a not for profit community action group dedicated to setting up community-owned renewable energy projects in the Mullumbimby area, in the pursuit and promotion of a 100% renewable energy future for the region.

The model of community-owned renewable energy:

  • increases the amount of renewables in the region,
  • allows wider access to renewable energy,
  • offers community ownership
  • celebrates and empowered by community engagement
  • invests profits paid back to the community for more sustainable and renewable energy projects, ever increasing the community benefit.

Everyone benefits – including the earth and future generations!




COREM is run by local volunteers who are actively engaged in a number of Community-Owned Renewable Energy projects in the Mullumbimby area. We welcome membership and all forms of support as we go about the mission to achieve our vision.


Ella Goninan – President COREM

"I am walking for Mullum’s sustainable future."

I have been living in the northern rivers for 16 years. I chose to move here to raise my daughter, as I was inspired by the alternative, family-inclusive and community culture. I am dedicated to social and environmental health. I was a part of the management team at the Bentley Protectors Camp in 2014. This experience blew my mind and heart open and showed me a positive unified way to engage with the state of affairs we currently have on our doorstep. I now choose to direct my attention and passion to Mullum’s sustainable future, with a desire to support mass national and global mobilisation to relieve the plight of our behaviours to the contrary.


Dave Rawlins – Vice President COREM

"By supporting the walkers you will be making a difference."

From a young age I was instilled with an awe of the natural world.This lead to an interest in sustainability, a Zoology degree, a strong sense of environmental justice and campaigning for forest protection, opposing uranium mining and more recently standing up against local biodiversity loss and CSG.

However, what I find most rewarding is working together with my Mullumbimby community to find and deliver sustainable initiatives. Being involved with local Landcare since 2002 and running my own ecological restoration business for over 10 years has lead to many inspiring and fruitful projects. I see the exciting possibilities that a group like COREM can achieve and the part we all can play to turn the fossil fuel industry on its head.


Giselle Menge - Champion

A Power Walk to make a change…..now that’s nourishing! Individuals taking action through the choices they make can flip this world. I would love to see that in my life time. Emergency on Planet Earth, is an old song, and there are countless that precede it, we need action fast. Take action by sponsoring me on the Byron to Bruns Walk. We can make the biggest impact to climate change by eliminating the use of fossil fuels for our energy source. We have the technology, knowledge and inclination, so take action NOW :)


Carolyn Tyrer  - Champion

I'm walking to support local community driven solutions to carbon pollution.



Nina Bishop - Champion

I love to support local environmental action in our Byron Shire - it's the real 'direct action'. I've been involved in Landcare, Sustainable Streets and Lock the Gate initiatives because it makes sense to be part of worthwhile community enterprise. Working cooperatively toward positive change supports one of our primary needs; that of belonging and having value in the world. Let's walk to build our capacity for strength and to have fun.


Tim Hodgson - Champion

 COREM's technical expert -  "I love beach walks, and I love renewable energy, why not combine both loves!"



Alice Moffett & Amelia Hicks - Champions

"We're members of Community Owned Renewable Energy Lennox. We are walking for action on climate change as we believe in the power of people to create change! We are a new group with a mission to see Lennox Head powered by 100% renewables. Support us so we can support new renewable power for our community."


Lucinda Cox - Champion


Thanks Paul for the donation

-  Dave Rawlins

Thanks for changing our world!

-  Susie Forster

Sorry we can't be there - going to Brisbane

-  Alison Crook

Thanks Virginia for walking with us and your support

-  Dave Rawlins

Good onya! OOO from Warburton

-  Eran Bartura

Those boots were made for walkin'

-  Nadia Mahmood

Good on you Giselle - love your work!

-  Stana Culjak