The Bentley Effect UK Tour - A Message of Hope

Championed by:  Ian Gaillard, Brendan Shoebridge, Simon Clough

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The Bentley Effect UK Tour - A Message of Hope

Ian Gaillard, Brendan Shoebridge, Simon Clough


Take the Bentley Effect to a wider audience - in the United Kingdom! 

Since completing his award-winning film “The Bentley Effect” director and producer Brendan Shoebridge received many emails requests to bring the film to the UK as soon as possible. 

In response to these calls for help, Brendan, Ian Gaillard and Simon Clough volunteered to take the film to as many threatened UK communities as possible in a 5 week period over May and June 2017 to share knowledge at 32 screenings and events in a 5 week period in May-June 2017.

The Tour was a huge success!

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“We NEED the movie showing now here ASAP to educate and inspire as many as possible locally. It is so time sensitive - do you know when this could be possible?

With much gratitude,  Andy"


The above quote is typical of the requests Brendan received.

There are over 200 sites earmarked for possible fracking in the UK, including the historic Sherwood Forest. Spring and summer are the seasons when the drilling companies are most active and when a team from the Northern Rivers can do the most good.

In response to these calls for help, Brendan, Ian Gaillard and Simon Clough volunteered to take the film to as many threatened communities as possible over a 5 week period over May-June 2017 to share knowledge.

Both Ian and Simon had significant roles in the Gasfield Free Northern Rivers movement and the Bentley Blockade.   


The Bentley Effect details how the idyllic Northern Rivers of NSW came under threat from invasive industrial gasfields, and how the community responded with over 35,000 people visited in their homes and tens of thousands of DVDs burnt and distributed.

People were asked if they supported CSG and results showed that, on average, over 95% opposed it. This ground work resulted in masses of people from all walks of life – activists, farmers, landowners, Indigenous people, mums & dads, scientists – organising themselves to rally against the unconventional gas.

A series of dramatic blockades ensued, before the final battle lines were drawn in the peaceful farming valley of Bentley.

Thousands of people flocked to the site to stare down the threat of 850 riot police – who had been ordered to break up the protest. What happened next was unprecedented and set an historic turning point.





Help us take the film to a wider audience in the UK and around the world!

We believe we have a critically important message of hope to deliver to threatened communities.

These communities have been ground down by government support for the frackers, strong arm police tactics and a very negative political environment.

Not only will did the packed out screenings on the first tour send a powerful message of hope because of our successes in the Northern Rivers, but we contributed to strategic planning and Non-violent Direct Action training.




“The most important aspect of The Bentley Effect is that is a message of HOPE for the UK which desperately needs it.”  

Dr Mariann Lloyd-Smith toxic expert who is very familiar with the UK situation.


"Something triggered deep down inside me with this film 'The Bentley Effect'... So powerful was its call to stand together arm in arm to protect our communities and ultimately the planet.

Lock the Gate' ....A rousing symbol and emotional cry from all those who put their heads above the parapet, stood strong and took part .... you are awesome.

Thank you for coming to the UK and showing us the way. Thank you to those that made this incredible film and to all those that played their part to protect the beautiful landscapes of Northern Rivers, Australia. I would thoroughly recommend this film to everyone in the UK. Come on Channel 4 and do your stuff!!"    Elisabeth Ross-Talbot

A beautifully filmed and produced documentary of the power which people have when they set aside their differences to confront a common enemy which wants to destroy their lives and futures for profit. It's appalling that good people should be put in this situation, but inspiring that so many stood up to be counted and put their bodies (literally in the way of the gas juggernaut. The film tells the story clearly and reflects the humour as well as determination of those involved, accompanied by an excellent sympathetic soundtrack. Highly recommended for anyone who cares about the consequences of the "unconventional gas exploitation" industry, and an inspirational work of hope that it can be prevented here in the UK, especiallywith the guys in the film touring with it and holding a Q & A session after the showing. Like "Groundswell Rising", a "must see" on the subject.


Please note, unlike other crowdfunding platforms, we don't need to reach the target to receive your donation.Every dollar will go toward the goal of screening the film and raising even more awareness / sharing knowledge in the UK.We get whatever is donated (less some minor admin fees) so every little bit helps.We sincerely hope that the UK can see the value and merit in our aims - please share widely to help us help you and cover our basic out of pocket expenses. Please direct all enquires to Brendan ShoebridgeIan Gaillard,Simon Clough

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Saw the film on the UK Tour. Utterly inspirational film made by some amazing people

-  Karen Bannochie

Saw the film on the UK Tour. Utterly inspirational film made by some amazing people

-  Karen Bannochie