Standing Strong with Tembak

Championed by:  DeforestACTION

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Deadline  31 January 2015

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Standing Strong with Tembak


Tembak is a community in the Western Kalimantan region of Borneo that has held firm in its commitments to keep its rainforest standing and say NO to palm oil. The Dayak people who live in this community have a deeply rooted respect for the natural environment surrounding them with their lives ever connected.


DeforestACTION and our project partners are supporting Tembak in three ways.

Building a purpose built high school in Tembak

Building the Orangutan Forest School for the rehabilitation of orphaned Orangutans 


We are aiming to raise $10,000 in 30 days from the 19th of August. Please, will you to add your support today with a donation to help the community of Tembak.

By support the people and community of Tembak we will keep the rainforest standing as habitat for a diverse species of plants and animals that live there including the Orangutan.   

How your donation will be used:

Building a purpose built high school in Tembak:  

The village of Tembak is lacking is a formal education facility for high school students. With Indonesia being a user pay system for schooling, parents are often tasked with the difficulty of trying to fund their children’s tuition fees. Having the added pressure of sending their students 4 hours away to Sintang High School (the closest region with a high school) and having to pay extra fees for room and board, the financial burden often becomes too great. This has meant that many young people in Tembak have not completed high school.     


The aim of this project is to give the village’s youth a head start in life with the tools necessary to succeed. This school will also have some modern facilities, such as: practical science equipment, teaching resources and internet access, allowing students and more importantly teachers to connect with other educators around the world to improve their own development.      

This school will help to advance the protection of the rainforests surrounding Tembak through educating the next generation about the importance of the forests, in terms of: traditional healing properties, biodiversity, economics significance and sustainable management practices. The school will provide students the hands on opportunities to work with teachers and the local Dayak elders putting theories of ecology into practice, while incorporating local know-how and cultural relevance. The students will also have the opportunities to web conference and communicate with other educators, students and professionals around the world, showcasing their partnership with the local forest to serve as a model for eco-tourism and the value that forests can have standing, rather than selling them off for commercial enterprise (i.e. palm oil concessions).     

Building the Orangutan Forest School for the rehabilitation of orphaned Orangutans:

Orphaned Orangutans in West Borneo need your help! The Tembak Forest School urgently needs a new enclosure where Orangutans can be housed during their rehabilitation that will continue their journey back to the wild. 

This project will build one new two hectare Orangutan enclosure, complete with solar power and electrified fence at the Tembak Forest School, located within village of Tembak in West Kalimantan. We need funds for materials and to engage skilled local people to construct the new enclosure that has been designed by Dr Willie Smits.  

           JoJo at the Tembak Forest School.

Tembak Forest School is currently home to five rescued Orangutans – JoJoMamatBembi, Joy, and Beno – yet there are many more orphaned Orangutans at the Sintang Orangutan Center waiting to take the next step in their rehabilitation that comes through the opportunity to participate in forest school.   

With your support this sleeping enclosure will be connected to two hectares of      enclosed forest where Orangutans can spend their days 
safely learning new skills. 

This new enclosure will be suitable for five Orangutans and will add to the existing enclosures currently at Tembak. The Orangutans will use the enclosure to keep them safe at night and during the day they are introduced to the surrounding rainforest under the supervision of the staff employed at Tembak to oversee the rehabilitation program. 

At Tembak Forest School the Orangutans are reintroduced to their natural forest habitat and where they learn and practice the skills needed to survive at the wild. Here they learn to find natural sources of food. In the surrounding rainforest there are many species of trees that provide fruit and leaves and also protein sources, such as ant nests, honey, etc.      

More about the Sintang Orangutan Centre and Tembak Forest School.

The Dayak people of the Village of Tembak have generously donated 58 hectares of their land to allow the Tembak Forest School to be constructed rehabilitate Orangutans, preparing them for release into the wild.     

We are constructing one 2 ha enclosure. The size of a hectare, is 10,000 square meters, which is the equivalence of a square that has a length of 100 meters on all sides. To encompass two hectares we’ll need 800 metres of fencing (includes irregular shape of the enclosure and internal fences). The materials required includes: 800 metres of fencing wire to enclose 2 ha. Poles. Purchase of wire tensioner equipment. 8 x 1kws solar power units (4 per ha) and 8 panels. Labour to construct the enclosure. The cost is $25 per metre of fencing for the new enclosure.   

Donation on this website are tax-deductible for Australians and receipts will be issued to you by email.  

Where is Sintang and Tembak? 

The city of Sintang is located in West Kalimantan in Indonesian Borneo, 326 km east of city of Pontianak. Tembak is a village located 30 km from Sintang.    


This project is being championed by: DeforestACTION with the support of Orange Power.

About DeforestACTION:

In March 2010, 12 schools and 90 students from the Asia Pacific region were invited to Singapore. Students and teachers decided they wanted to tackle one global issue - deforestation. They agreed on the name DeforestACTION, and launched a global collaborative project with, for and by students around the world. See our website for more information.

About Orange Power:

Orange Power cleaning products company and one of Australia’s favourite home grown household brands. Made and owned right here in Australia, all Orange Power cleaning and laundry products are formulated without using harsh chemicals or palm oil derived ingredients, rather relying on the abilities of their natural formulas.

My company "Orange Power" has been involved with trying to reduce the deforestation by using NO PALM OIL or their derivatives in any of our products. We are supporting this projct with a donation to help build the school and educate young students which in turn will empower them to help save the rainforests and wildlife that relies on it - Andrew Chaney.


A great project deserving of support.

-  Kelvin Davies

Your courage is admirable! Best of luck fighting this battle, and building this school and enclosure.

-  Jan McIver

A very worthwhile project to a very special community that is standing against palm oil and forest destruction

-  Chris Gauthier

Stay strong and say no to palm oil!

-  Mark White

maybe there is a synthetic biology market based solution that can help stop palm oil destruction and also satisfy human greed. Amaris and Solazyme are two companies that make oils from algae. And if their technology currently can't match Palm oil production, maybe first world guilt can be used in marketing until technology does make this stupid destruction a thing of the past.

-  Rob Reddy

Loved the Eco Warrior film. It was very informative and beautiful. I wish you had an"In Honor Of" option with your giving as I am giving my gift in honor of my son Aaron who is living in Indonesia currently. Thank you for all your work in Borneo!

-  Cynthia Anderson