Protect Pilliga Forest

Championed by:  The Pilliga Mouse

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Protect Pilliga Forest

The Pilliga Mouse


The Pilliga Forest of New South Wales is under attack by CSG (coal seam gas) mining being done by the Santos corporation. Drill sites are being cleared, holes for huge dams of contaminated water are being dug, pipelines are being cleared.   

We need your help now! 100% of the donation you make on this website will go towards essential on-ground gear needed to protect the Pilliga Forest and stop the spread of coal seam gas across the NSW North West.

The Pilliga Forest is the only one of its kind in New South Wales, providing the state with an inland haven for some of Australia’s most highly valued and threatened and endangered native species. It is also the southern recharge zone for the vast underground water reservoir known as the Great Artesian Basin on which much of inland Australia relies for water.  


Santos wants to turn the area into an industrialised gasfield clearing thousands of hectares of forest, drilling more than 850 coal seam gas wells through the Great Artesian Basin to get at the gas and in the process creating billions of litres of contaminated water for which they still have no plan how to deal with! Opposition to this madness is growing. 

A group of dedicated and passionate people are standing their ground, and maintaining a presence. Traditional Owners, farmers, scientists, local community members, rural fire service volunteers, school teachers, grandparents and conservationists and other friends of the Pilliga, all recognise the common threat and are working together to protect our land, our water and our future. They are taking action, sometimes risking arrest and they need your support. But there is so much to do, the area large and the challenge daunting. We need $8,000 to fund the Pilliga Protectors initiative and to keep a permanent camp on site, in the heart of the Pilliga, as well as to aid the continued efforts of local Traditional Owners and farmers in the affected and surrounding areas.  

This is an opportunity for you to give a gift and become a Pilliga Protector. Together we must stop the Pilliga forests being converted to an industrialised gasfield and becoming the foot-hold the industry needs as a stepping stone to spread out across the valuable farming land of the Liverpool Plains and right across the North-West of NSW.

Please make a donation today. It's tax-deductible and you'll be helping me to save the Pillga Forest for the people and the wilidlfe!

Yours sincerely,

The Pilliga Mouse.

About me: The Pilliga Mouse is found only in the Pilliga forest of North West NSW and is a federally listed threatened species. This unique mouse has become an icon for forest protection and the fighting of coal seam gas across NSW. Its only home is now destined to become an industrial gasfield and the species risks extinction. The Pilliga mouse is a totem for local Gomeroi people and is the mascot for the Namoi River Older People for the NSW Elders Olympics.  Due to the threat, this Mighty Mouse is getting active to drum up the support necessary to stop the gas field threat. The Pilliga Mouse travels to actions, public forums, North West Alliance meetings and Aboriginal community events to spread the word.

ow the funds will be used: The funds will be used to keep the Pilliga Protection Camp operational and to reach out to neighboring and virtual communities and supporters via printed materials and the internet.

Background: A place of outstanding conservation significance, the Pilliga Forest of North West NSW is the largest remaining temperate woodland in eastern Australia, and contains significant Aboriginal and European cultural values.  

The forest itself stretches over half a million hectares and is one of only 15 national hotspots for biodiversity. It is the home of threatened and endangered species, such as the Pilliga Mouse, which is found nowhere else in Australia. The area also supplies water to some of the most fertile land in the country, the Liverpool Plains, and has some of the oldest and most spectacular Indigenous sites of significance in Australia, such as the spectacular Sandstone Caves.  

The Pilliga gas field is just the beginning for Santos - a Trojan horse - as they attempt to roll gasfields across north-west New South Wales, including some of the best food producing lands in Australia.  

Santos has begun drilling and now threatens the Great Artesian Basin. They have already sent coal seam gas discharge into the Murray-Darling Basin. Spills of chemical ridden water have occurred in the Pilliga, which lead to Santos recently facing charges for environmental devastation. But still they are allowed to go on. The threat is too great to ignore, and the potential for irredeemable and irreversible damage is too high.

It is busy with trees, with animals and with men. It is lonely and beautiful. It is a million wild acres. And there is no other forest like it.”  Eric Rolls, ‘A Million Wild Acres’.   

Megan Kuhn's story: Protecting the Pilliga is essential to our future. I don’t make that statement lightly but it is based on experiences I have lived throughout my life. I am a fifth generation farmer so connection to the land and appreciation of life’s balance is within me. Early in my career, I worked in Narrabri with Water Resource engineers and later became a survey technician in Gunnedah. Both roles added to my understanding that man can have both positive and negative impacts on our surroundings. Surveying exposed me to both open cut and underground mining. It was then I saw firsthand how the modern day, large scale operations create serious man made imbalances that are irreversible. The detrimental impacts are beyond what we see. As a mother, knowing my family and our future are seriously at risk from Government approved projects makes me more determined to stand up now and fight for us, our communities and our future. Through working with communities right across the North West, I have helped organise a neighbour to neighbour survey to ask people how they feel about this particular issue. They feel the same! 96% of community members across 1.5 million ha, so far, want to protect their future from invasive gasfields. Now, the on ground battle is underway. I see and feel more clearly the connection the traditional owners have with Country, and I appreciate the significance of their pain caused by this destruction. The Ten Mile Dam Camp has allowed me to listen and learn from a broad cross section of community and I can only hope this opportunity will make us stronger - together.

About the Rainforest Information Centre: Established in 1980 the Rainforest Information Centre is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the protection of the Earth's remaining rainforests in partnership with the indigenous people and local communities who depend on them. RIC have been at the forefront of direct action for the environment since 1980. The Pilliga Forest is not a rainforest however we are so passionate about this issue we've decided to stepped in to help the campaign.   

Some other great projects and outcomes:
The Rainforest Information Centre was born out of the successful struggle to save the sub-tropical rainforests of New South Wales, Australia (now a World Heritage Area) in 1979-to 1981. His initial experiences to save rainforests, beginning at Terania Creek, inspired John Seed to establish and lead the organisation in its participation in the struggles to save the temperate rainforests of Tasmania in 1982 (Franklin River Blockade) and the tropical rainforests of Far North Queensland in 1985-86 (Daintree Blockade). Since then the Rainforest Information Centre has been involved in hundreds of campaigns and practical conservation projects to protect rainforests and other ecosystems in Australia & internationally while at the same time recognising the legitimate aspirations of rainforest peoples. In recent years the Rainforest Information Centre has worked in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, USA, Congo, Cameroon, Malawi, Uganda, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, PNG, Vietnam and over the past 34 years in many other countries. 

Campaigners: Other groups working on the project include Lock the Gate, The Wilderness Society, North West Alliance, Gomeroi Traditional Owners.


Dear Pilliga Mouse, thanks for fighting the good fight and protecting habitat for all critters.

-  Kelvin Davies

Keep up the great work protectors!

-  Christine Dixon

Tiny mouse but mighty mouse!

-  Susie Russell

All the best protection for the Pilliga protectors. Stay safe...

-  Jennifer Lewis

Congratulations to everyone involved! Thank you all for your efforts.

-  Annie Kia

Thanks for doing what you do!

-  Guy Waugh

Part of the ongoing 1788 invasion. Still illegal, even by their own laws.

-  Ellen White

Keep the Pilliga wild. The way it always has been and must always be.

-  David Menzies

Go mighty Pilliga Mouse!!

-  Amanda Shoebridge

I wish I could do more, keep up the fight for all of our children

-  Russell Southwood

If you dont want a gasfield destorying the Pilliga forest and extending across the Liverpool Plains, donate now!

-  Cheryl Thompson

I am so grateful to all the wonderful Pilliga Protectors who are guarding our forest. Thank you all.

-  Anne Kennedy

Good Luck!


Thank you for trying to save the iconic Pilliga and our precious underground water supplies.

-  Joy O'Farrell

Be Resolute

-  Russell Watts

Keep up the great work. I can't believe what the money hungry people (Santos) are doing. Our government should hang its head in shame for allowing it.

-  Cherrida Hardaker

This campaign is inspiring. Thanks to all the community champions who are making a stand for the environment

-  Heather Ranclaud

This is from Stop Coal Seam Gas Blue Mountains. We are with you.

-  Annie Wieland

Thanks for your efforts. I'm a disability pensioner so can't really get out to help but I'm glad I can contribute something. More power to you all.

-  Gordon Grant

If...children have faith in us to protect their world. If....the environment needs our voice to join its chorus. If...we understand that our one and only source of clean water is to be forever threatened. We shall stand and protect. As others did so before us.

-  Victoria Hamilton

Hope to be there in April.

-  Aletha Zylstra

Coal seam gas mining must be stopped.

-  Merrian Malouf

Not all of us can be present so hopefully we can contribute in other ways to show our appreciation for your on the ground presence. Thankyou for all you guys do.

-  Andy Buckberry

Stay Strong!

-  Meredyth Woodward

If I lived up your way I would protest too. The Tas state government has recently issued a licence for Petragas to explore for shale oil and gas here so we are keeping a close eye on the situation.

-  Estelle Ross

Thank you protectors for standing united & strong for us all.

-  Christine Dixon

I can't make it up there but I support you 100%. Thank you for fighting for all of us.

-  judith seaburn


-  Peter Greenland

Keep fighting.

-  Dorothy Sweeney

I am with you in spirit and wish you all strength to continue the fight

-  Margaret Armstrong

You are all champions! xx

-  Shana Matheson

I regret that I live too far away to be there "on the ground". Keep up the good work.

-  Helen Stevens

Hopefully we can stop the damage being done to the Piliga

-  Robert and Geraldine Johnson


-  Karen Pike

Had difficulty when entering monetary amount. Rediculous PIN requirements - not operating a bank account. With everyone setting different PIN parameters one has to record the details which surely lessens, not increases, security. We live in Melbourne and can only wish the protesters well and thank them for being on the front line to fight the evil of CSG. Regards, Denise and Brian Jones

-  Denise & Brian Jones

Now that contamination of the aquifers is confirmed the fight has become even more urgent to get SANTOS stopped before the Great Artisan Basin is contaminated which is the lifeblood of three states.

-  Christine Dixon

We have to stop this thing, whatever it takes, right across Australia. If we can't save the Pilliga, what hope for the Northern Rivers??

-  Martha Paitson

Best wishes from Maroubra

-  Isobel Harding

wonderful people, thank you so much

-  Dian Bedggood

thank you to the protectors

-  Annette Batten Fine

Pilliga protectors, you are true heroes of this nation

-  Ivan Levant