Gasfield Free Northern Rivers Fightback Fund

Championed by:  Gasfield Free Northern Rivers

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$710  raised
$24,290 needed

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Deadline   3 January 2016

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Gasfield Free Northern Rivers Fightback Fund



The Metgasco board has recommended to shareholders that they should accept an offer from the State Government to buy its exploration licenses for coal seam gas and other forms of unconventional gas in the Northern Rivers.

Help us be in a position to keep our community well informed in case these activities restart.


Metgasco have threatened to return to the Northern Rivers to continue their exploration for coal seam gas and other forms of unconventional gas.

They have announced they will be carrying out seismic testing in Rock Valley during November and they were recently in discussions with a drilling contractor to resume drilling operations at Bentley.

We need to be in a position to keep our community well informed if these activities restart. We need resources to ensure we can monitor, inform and engage the community of the Northern Rivers.

We need money to buy advertising in the local media, to hold local meetings, print campaign materials and many other requirements to get the word out as quickly and as effectively as we can. Resources can be the difference between us winning and losing. And we cannot afford to lose this fight of our lives, for our lives.


How the funds will be used:

Our main goal is to keep our community informed and updated about Metgasco's latest plans to drill in the Northern Rivers, and to let them know what they can do about it. We may need to hold public meetings, distribute leaflets, DVDs and posters, and send text messages to our lists. There are large costs in time and money to help mobilise a community, your donation will enable us to fight back against the large resources a gas mining company can direct at us.


About Gasfield Free Northern Rivers

We are the communities of Bentley, Rock Valley and people from right across the Northern Rivers. The aim of the Gasfield Free Northern Rivers movement is to protect the biodiversity, water resources, agricultural lands and sustainable industries of the Northern Rivers, and the livelihoods and wellbeing of the people who live here, from the impacts of coal seam gas (CSG) and other forms of unconventional gas mining. Our objective is to have the Northern Rivers region declared a CSG and unconventional gas free zone, and for all current licenses and leases that allow such activities to be revoked.



Some other great projects and outcomes:

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If you don't want the Northern Rivers area turned into an industrialised gasfield please support this campaign. 


P.S. Please help spread word of this campaign by email and your social networks. Thanks much for your support.

For more information please visit Gasfield Free Northern Rivers



All the best

-  Tracey Rieniets

Me and my family support you. Good luck!

-  Peter Corlis

Please everybody get behind the fight to stop Metgasco. Do it for George and do it for the future health of the Northern Rivers.

-  Katherine Lane

For a Gasfield Free Northern Rivers!

-  Mark White

Metgasgo has no chance of destroying our region if we stand together

-  Holly North

We as a nation DO NOT benefit from CSG - it continues to cause irreversible damage to land, water and the health of our rural people - it will be impacting collectively if we don't fine a way to stop the most irresponsible ,short sighted mining practice that the so called Modern technological world of corporate greed has inflicted upon society - Globally !!

-  Jude Watkins

Doing a great job. Hope we don't have to go back to Bentley, but if so, I'll be there

-  Jennifer Gray