Help JoJo the Orangutan Get Back to the Forest

Championed by:  Mark White

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Help JoJo the Orangutan Get Back to the Forest

Mark White


My name is Jojo and I am a female baby Orangutan.

When I was two years old, my mother was killed in a palm oil plantation, and I was taken to a village and kept as a pet in a small cage.

The people were kind to me, but they gave me chocolate, coffee and rice which was not the right food for me. I lived like this for a year.    

Then one day, something amazing happened.


Some people came to the village and said to my owner that it was not healthy for me to live like this and I needed proper care and a better diet.

They also said the parasites in my belly made me lose my hair, and that the children in the village were in danger from these parasites.

My owner agreed they could take me to a better place, a rescue centre in a town called Sintang. 

On the long journey to the rescue centre, I was very scared and held tightly onto my rescuer, Dr Willie Smits.

When we arrived, it was dark and I did not want to be left alone so two of the young carers stayed up with me all night to make sure I was alright.

I remember falling asleep on the chest of one of the carers feeling very safe and cared for by these young people who had agreed to help me. 

JoJo's story from Rise of the Eco-Warriors on Vimeo.


The next morning the young carers brought me fruit and honey which reminded me of my time back in the forest with my mother.

They gave me medical attention, took some blood samples and I was treated for worms. My new home is a huge enclosure filled with branches, climbing platforms and tyre swings where I can practice my nest building and swinging skills.

In April 2014 - I moved to brand new Tembak Lestari Forest School!  

I was among the first group for five rescued orangutans to go back to the forest at the Forest School.

I'm learned all the necessary survival skills to be released in the jungle along with my adopted daughter Cemong!

Now in late 2017,  I really need your help so I can return to the forest where we can return where we belong.  




Giving up the fight for the Orangutans, people, forests and wildlife of Borneo is just not an option.

What your vital support will help us to do: 

Our priority since 2012 has been to get JoJo and the other Orangutan orphans at the Sintang Orangutan Center (SOC) out to the nearby village of Tembak to begin rehabilitation in readiness to return to the wild forests of Borneo as soon as possible.

Working with the people of Tembak village and SOC, the 'Eco-Warrriors' - a group of 11 young volunteers from around the world -  set up a ‘sleeping cage’ for JoJo and her friends, and raised funds for the construction of a clinicand a series of forest enclosures - the Tembak Lestari Forest School.

This infrastructure is now complete, and the 2 hectare forest school enclosure is now FULL as is the SOC Quarantine center!  And now there has been a secure release site in the Betung Kerihun National Park in the heart of Borneo, on the border between Sarawak, Malaysia and Indonesia's West Kalimantan region.

So we need more money, supporters to help raise funding and get further support, to meet day-to-day SOC operational costs,  meet the growing demand for an additional safe rehabilitation forest school near the quarantine center in the city of Sintang, West Kalimantan (Borneo)

Since 2014, Jojo and her companions and have been receiving excellent and proper care at the Sintang Orangutan Center -  and soon they will be  transfer and release to the forest with the vital skills they will need for life in the wild.  

Orangutans at the rescue centre need 24 hour supervision by qualified and experienced carers, as well as food and professional veterinary care.  Orangutans in the release program will also need monitoring for an extended period.



JoJo wants to return to the wild:   

Your contribution will support JoJo and the first 9 orangutans from the Sintang Orangutan Center leave Tembak Forest School and be released into a rugged, secure and protected rainforest.

The  mountainous remote area, as seen in the movie RISE OF THE ECO-WARRIORS, is rich in biological and cultural diversity and home to the Dayak indigenous people who live in sustainable harmony with  the forest.

Protection, enrichment and re-population of this area with rehabilitated orangutans in cooperation with the local villages is vital for the health of the remaining virgin rainforests in the ‘Heart of Borneo”.

About Sintang Orangutan Centre: 

The Sintang Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre is a wildlife rehabilitation facility located in Sintang with a release site located in the village of Tembak.

It is the only official Orangutan resuce centre in this part of West Borneo and operates under a Memorandum of Understanding with the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry. 

Please read all about the Sintang Orangutan Rehabilitation Center here. 

Read the latest update from the Sintang Orangutan Center here. 


JoJo features in the documentary RISE OF THE ECO -WARRIORS by Virgo Productions, released in cinemas in March 2014.