How it works


Planetfunder is a socially minded, Australian private business that is 100% self-funding. We don’t accept any corporate donations or government money or receive public grants of any kind. 

We raise funds for great people and causes!

We need to keep the platform self-funding so it can remain viable. 

From all payments received on behalf of partners we deduct the cost of credit card transaction fees + 5%.   

This goes to pay for our minimal expenses and to invest back into the platform.


Funds are raised through Planetfunder in two ways.


Community Campaigns is a platform for campaigners to offer a peer to peer crowdfunding campaign. 

We help your supporters become participants, join your cause, help you promote your campaign merchandise, sign your petitions and more! 

With your project, you will be able to offer your perks and other merchandise for sale.

You can sell tickets and digital products such as downloads and videos directly from custom landing pages on Planetfunder.


Rainmakers allows your Planetfunder to accept payments via our mobile app to your campaign. 

You can offer recurring monthly subscriptions and upsell and cross sell your offers to your supporters by encouraging adoptions of your campaign, and get featured on the Planetfunder home page.

A documentary for example sells tickets to screenings, then signs up the audience to make a contribution to their community activation program on a tablet or phone, using one platform.

Donated funds are used by Planetfunder to make private grants to  non-profit partners to achieve the outcomes.


Building and maintaining our website is essential to the program as are our ongoing efforts to support the needs of donors and groups we support.

These costs for Rainmakers equate to 20% of the income.  



Planetfunder disburses funds each month. Campaigners are required to;

  • Have projects consistent with Planetfunder’s mission and objectives
  • Agree to provide project updates and reports
  • Agree to complete stated objectives such as deliver perks
  • Agree to spend funds only in meeting the stated objectives of the project


Terms and conditions


The following terms and conditions provide a safe and secure platform for users of this website.

They are complemented by our security policy and together with our privacy policy they govern the Planetfunder relationship with you in the use of this website. 

By using this website you agree to comply with, and be bound by our terms and conditions of use.

Your continued use of the Planetfunder website is deemed to be your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

In the event of your failure to comply with the terms and conditions we reserve the right to suspend your access to the website and the services provided without notice or reference to you.   

Your password   

When you register as a user of this website you will have created a password to protect your personal account. It is your responsibility to ensure this password is not disclosed to a third party. You are advised to change your password immediately if you have any concerns about security.   

Your email address  

We will only know and record your email address if you give it to us. If you have chosen to become a user of this website you accept that we will contact you by email. If you do not want to receive emails from us, please let us know by sending us an email to

Refunds and unauthorised card use   

We ask that you give consideration to your payment prior to the transaction. All payments are made on a voluntary basis and it is not our normal practice to provide refunds. If you become aware of fraudulent use of your card, or if it is lost or stolen, you must notify your card issuer in accordance with its reporting rules. If unauthorised use of your payment card is proved or you have a legitimate reason for disputing a payment please let us know by sending an email to     

Fundraising using this website   

As an individual, before using this website to undertake a fundraising activity for a not-for-profit, it is your responsibility to liaise with associated stakeholders to ensure they have no objection to the nature of your proposed activity.   

Acceptable use   

In using this website you must not misrepresent your identity or affiliation with any person or organisation. You must not use this website in a way that is unlawful including any activity that is likely to cause, the website to be interrupted or damaged in any way.   

Disclaimer and no liability   

Planetfunder managemetn reserves the right to modify, discontinue or suspend, all or part of the website or its services at any time without notice.

Planetfunder management reserves the right to remove any content from any page without notice at its sole discretion. 

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