Privacy Policy

"Planetfunder" is a project undertaken by Planet Funder Pty Ltd  (ABN 72 603 795 160). provides the option for registered users to make secure payments and anonymous donations and create their own crowdfunding campaigns. 

We collect personal information including name, address, contact details, age and personal interests from your direct contact with us and where it is voluntarily supplied, for example, when making a payment to a campaign. 

We may make direct contact with you to provide project information or to seek donations on behalf of campaign partners. At any time you may request that no, or only selected contact is made with you.  

We assure you that your personal information will not be given or sold to any individual or outside organisation without your consent.

When you make a contribution to a project, you indicate a preference for it to be used for supporting a particular campaign.

This may be a campaign undertaken in partnership with a not-for-profit conservation organisation.

In this instance, by making a donation, you are consenting to your details also being shared with that organisation and for it to also communicate with you.  

The Privacy Act entitles any individual or organisation to access personal information held about them.

You may request that this information be adjusted if it is incomplete or incorrect. Unless this information is held for statutory reasons you may request that it be removed from our records.  

You can access your records by emailing

Or by writing to:  

The Privacy Officer

2 Alidenes Rd
Wilsons Creek
NSW 2480