10 Tips for Crowdfunding - Fundraising Guide

Follow the tips below and you will be on your way to fundraising success.

1. Excite your Crowd.

Crowdfunding success is all about helping your ‘crowd’ feel excited about your project and encouraging them to donate to a good cause.

If you tell your story in a personal style people will relate to you and form a connection.

Be positive and focus on communicating the great outcomes to be achieved through your project.

2. People give to people.

If you are excited and passionate about a cause, people that care for you will support your project.

Let them know why you are excited about your project and why you care.

Commit to growing and caring for your crowd and remember to thank your supporters.

3. Your personal crowd.

Your personal crowd is your existing and growing network of family, friends and acquaintances.

Use email and your social media presence to inform them of your project and ask for support.

4. An organisation's crowd.

Organisations you know also have a crowd.

They are the colleagues, sports clubs, friends, followers and supporters of your work, your project or your cause.

Again, use email and social media to inform them of your project and ask for support.

5. Remember to prioritise asking.

Who will give to your project?

Not everyone, but if you don’t ask you will never ever know so remember to ask the question.

Draw up a list of your top 10 prospects to ask. You’ll need to ask more than once.

Don’t think it will all happen magically. Crowdfunding required a commitment of time and energy.

You’ll need to persist.

6. Use Social media.

Social media is where you can share your project with your crowd. It’s where it really starts to happen, so before you start your campaign

invest some time in building or adding to your social networks.

On your Planetfunder.org project page there are Facebook and Twitter buttons.

They will enable you to share your project links directly.

Make use of them now!

7. Let images and video help tell the story.

Use good quality pictures of your project on social media.  Pages with videos raise 80% more money.

Make a video and add it to YouTube or Vimeo.  

We can insert the link into your project page and share it on social media.


8. Say Thanks every time and recruit donors to help

You should also thank individual donors on social media.

It’s amazing how much time some people spend on social media!

Recruit some of these people to the task of promoting your project.

Ask them to post or share news on your project.

By donating they’ve shown they care so at that time you can ask them. 

9. Use Email

In your email address book you’ll know lots of people who are family, friends, and workmates.

They will be interested in you and your passion for your project.

Write up your story and send an email out to your address book.

Include a request that they make a contribution.

Include your project page link so they can click through to make a donation.  

10. Send more than one email.

People may have missed the first one or have been busy. They may need reminding of your great project.

You should also provide updates on your progress.

Send an email at the start of your campaign, another in the middle and one just before the end.  

Remember to thank your donors by sending them an email as well.