About PlanetFunder


PlanetFunder supports the earth restoration economy - the movements, people, projects and ideas that have the potential to restore the natural world.

Our mission is to fund the people and the very best projects that have one common thread  - they hold the biological integrity of planet Earth at their core.

This enables us to support a broad range of projects including environmental education, sustainable communities, renewable energy, permaculture, earth protection, ecosystem regeneration and much more.


How we can help you

PlanetFunder has an awesome track record. Together we have been funding the planet’s future with:



PlanetFunder helps in two ways.


We are more than a platform for passionate campaigners to run a one-off crowdfunding project.

We are committed to helping achieve your funding target by:

  • Keep-it-all flexible funding scheme 
  • Expertise in marketing services, support and guidance as you craft your peer to peer fundraising campaign to ensure maximum impact
  • Creating an optimizing a custom landing page for your project!  We help you manage your campaign from starting schedule to launch.
  • We help you mobilize your own crowd online, by growing supporters into active participants who will readly spread the word and recruit others to join your cause, help promote your merchandise, drive your petitions and more!
  • Feature your campaign on the PlanetFunder home page, in mailouts and social media platforms
  • With your project, you have the option to offer perks and other merchandise for sale as part of your campaign.


Our campaigners can (coming in 2017) 

  • Sell directly from your page on PlanetFunder - campaign merchadise, tickets, digital products - the possibilities are endless.
  • Raise additional funds by championing a film screening!  Choose from our partner's library of 200+ of the most high impact documentaries to motive and inspire your campaign.
  • Browse curated eco-tours to partner projects around the world and book online

and more...




Adoption Campaigns

You and your campaign champions can offer recurring monthly subscriptions!  This is a key ingredient to success for any ongoing campaign.

We help upsell your campaign to your supporters by encouraging ongoing virtual adoptions of your campaign or cause.

This means your monthly funding support can be ongoing, not limited by a crowdfunding deadline.

We help maximise your campaign by:

  • Creating a custom landing page for your cause and managing your page look and feel
  • Featuring your campaign on the PlanetFunder Adoptions page
  • Activating and managing your supporters to maintain or increase donations


What makes PlanetFunder different?

Our goal is to support your funding campaign to be successful.

We offer our personalised service, templates and guidelines to maximise success.

But there is more - we have a secret weapon!


Rainmakers allows you to accept payments via our mobile app to any campaign.

This means you can accept payments in the field - at activities, events, on the street!  This is a game changer!

With Rainmakers, you and your champions can capitalise on the momentum of your campaign and convert contacts into supporters where-ever you are.

We also provide:

  • Training and instructions to you and your campaign champions on how to use the rainmaker app
  • Monthly report of rainmaker subscriptions and your champion’s efforts, so you know where to focus your attention


Payments & Fees


Planetfunder currently disburses funds each month via our payment technology provider directly to your nominated bank account. (instant payout coming in 2017).

Campaigners are required to;

  • Have projects consistent with PlanetFunder’s mission and objectives
  • Agree to provide project updates and reports to PlanetFunder and your supporters
  • Agree to complete stated objectives such as deliver perks
  • Agree to spend funds only in meeting the stated objectives of the project



Planetfunder is a socially minded, Australian private business that is 100% self-funding.

We don’t accept any corporate donations or government money or receive public grants of any kind.

We raise funds for great people and causes!


We need to keep what we do self-funding, so we're sustainable and fit for years to come.

Fees are reinvested back into the platform and the services PlanetFunder provides for our campaign partners.


#1 Community Campaigns

For successful campaigns, a fee of 5% of total funds pledged is applied. Also remember to factor in credit card transaction fees (approx 1.7%).   

#2 Rainmakers

For rainmaker subscriptions, a fee of 20% of the subscription value is applied.


If you are ready to get started then Create an account and learn how to submit a project 


Our Story

PlanetFunder grew out of the Rainforest Information Centre (RIC).

The RIC is an environmental charity, founded by Australian deep ecologist John Seed OAM in the Northern Rivers, New South Wales, Australia.

Since 1979 RIC has been supporting activist voices in the rainforest conservation sector worldwide.  

In 1990, John's RIC established the Small Grants Fund for micro-funding grassroots rainforest conservation projects.

This Fund has helped RIC and its conservation partners to deliver hundreds of projects  over the past few years, often in circumstances or countries where organisations would have difficulty in obtaining funding from conventional sources.

Planetfunder.org was launched in November 2013 as a project with the RIC to create the world’s first peer-to-peer (p2p) crowdfunding site for the public to invest their money in environmental action.

Funding for the Small Grants Program from November 2013 up to 31 October 2016 was generated largely online through PlanetFunder, which was growing the amount of funds under management.


PlanetFunder's History

Some of the projects we’ve supported on PlanetFunder previously include:

  • opposition to coal seam gas mining
  • support local koala colony protection campaign,
  • creation of a legal defense fund for citizen scientists
  • land care groups to restore and regenerate biodiversity
  • wildlife rehabilitation shelters and enclosures in Indonesia
  • Patrol rangers protecting forests
  • Funding community owned solar installations in Mullumbimby NSW
  • Training for Indigenous farmers in alt-timber forest products
  • Support social entrepreneurs developing new eco-tourism program
  • Support Southern Cross University students to raise money for elephant welfare
  • Building a school in the Heart of Borneo
  • Replant endangered rainforest species and rewet damage peat swamps in Borneo
  • Protection of Cassowary rainforests in Far North Queensland
  • Purchase rainforest with The Rainforest Trust
  • Rescuing and rehabilitating orangutans for ‘forest school’ for Bornean orangutans
  • Training and equipment for firefighters around the Tanjung Puting National Park in Borneo
  • Funding The Bentley Effect documentary about the campaign against unconventional gas
  • Funding Rise of the Eco-Warriors documentary for outreach about palm oil and orangutan welfare


PlanetFunder's Future

On 31 October 2016, Planetfunder.org was successful in obtaining support for a new business plan and restructure with a new board of advisors to chart an exciting new direction ahead in 2017 for PlanetFunder.

It’s now time to take the next step in our exciting evolution.  

Therefore, we incorporated as an Australian proprietary limited company, based in Mullumbimby NSW.

PlanetFunder will now be free to innovate 'effective altruism' in order to expand the flow of money to the regeneration economy.  

On 1 November 2016 all business operations  moved to Planetfunder Pty Ltd, with Planetfunder Co-Founder Mark White as Director and Chief Executive Officer.

Mark and the PlanetFunder team are currently working on continued support for the platform and improvements ahead of a relaunch in Spring 2017.

We are excited about working on new campaigns without the restraints on the Australian environmental non-profit charity sector.


A message from the Director

I look forward to working with the new board to implement the plan for  evolution of PlanetFunder as a high-impact sustainable business in 2017 and beyond.

PlanetFunder has shown us how we can all participate in accelerating the flow of money to great projects and people, and to increase the value we are able to grow for our planet.

If you feel inspired to help, why not sign up for a monthly donation to support our work.


Mark White Director - Planetfunder Pty Ltd
(+61) 412937922