Adoptions & Campaigns

Rainforest Information Centre Campaigns

The Rainforest Information Centre has been a central link in the radical environmental moment for over three decades. Campaigns are at the core of who we are and want we do. Direct action saves forests! Your monthly donation will help us continue our campaigns.

Madhima Gulgan

Madhima Gulgan means "put track there". This special project is helping us with the way forward for our people and the land. It will provide employment for the Madhima Gulgan Bush Regeneration Team in restoring Lowland Subtropical Rainforest in Northern NSW of which less than one percent remains. You can join us in caring for country by adding your support.

Rainforest Trust

Rainforest Trust purchases and protects the most threatened tropical forests, saving endangered wildlife through partnerships and community engagement. Through local partnerships, we empower indigenous people to own and steward their own lands while offering them education, training, and economic assistance. Please add your support to our work.

Sintang Orangutan Center

Helping the Sintang Orangutan Center rescue and rehabilitate endangered orangutans in the Heart of Borneo, West Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Adopt Orangutan JoJo

JoJo is a young female Orangutan we found living in a small wooden box. When we rescued her, she was only two or three years old, was full of parasites and had no proper medical care or an appropriate diet. You can adopt JoJo and provide her with the better life she deserves and support her ultimate return to the wild.