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WOLF Forest Protection Movement

RIC has been supporting the WOLF Forest Protection Movement in Slovakia since their inception in 1993. They are one of the most tenacious and unyielding environmentalists in Eastern Europe. In April this year, after 2 years of campaigning,  their “Biomassacre” campaign succeeded in saving many forests from stopping the state subsidies which had condemned many native forests to be logged and burnt burnt for “clean” energy. 

$559/ $4,000

Goongerah Environment Centre Office (GECO)

Goongerah Environment Centre Office (GECO) is a small grass roots community group based in the town of Goongerah, Victoria, Australia. Since 1993 they have campaigned for protection of East Gippsland’s forests.  The RIC has participated with GECO in many of the direct actions to protect the rainforests of East Gippsland. Please add your support to help save habitat for endangered species such as the Long Footed Potoroo and Masked Owl.

$776/ $4,000

Protecting Los Cedros Cloud Forest Reserve

The Los Cedros Reserve in Ecuador is under attack from illegal loggers and hunters. We need to raise 5,000 to protect one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on Earth. Your donation will help fund patrols that put a stop to illegal activites in the reserve.

$5,016/ $8,000

Protect the Katkari

The Katkari are among the most oppressed of India’s indigenous minorities (“Adivasis”). For more than 2 decades the Rainforest Information Centre has been trying to get justice for these people. Recently, we have been successful in securing rights to land for more than 600 Katkari villages. Please help them to plant trees on the land that is now theirs for food, fuel, fodder building materials and ecological restoration.


$937/ $8,000

Restoring Arunachala

The sacred Arunachala Hill in Tamil Nadu rises alone from the surrounding plains to a height of 860m. The hill is one of five main shaivite holy places in South India and is a site of pilgrimage. Arunachala was once covered in forests that supported tigers, but years of wood-cutting and man-made fires left only pockets of stunted trees. In 1988 a local movement began to support the ambitious task of restoring the forest. Please join us by sponsoring a tree.

$1,134/ $5,000

Kanneliya Biodiversity Corridor

Rainforest Rescue International is a Sri Lankan NGO which has been finding solutions to forest loss and habitat loss through conservation, restoration and sustainable community development since 2002. This project's objective is to enhance and improve native rainforest species microhabitat in the remnant low land rainforest ecosystems of the south of Sri Lanka through:

$1,022/ $4,000

Mother Nature Cambodia

The magnificent estuaries and rainforests in Cambodia are under threat.  Help us protect mangroves, endangered Siamese crocodiles and the  'biodiversity jewel' that is the Central Cardomom Protected Forest. 

$843/ $3,000

W Tree Citizen Science

Our names are Elfi and Harry. We are a young couple living in a remote community in W Tree, East Gippsland who are passionate about preserving our local native forest for future generations and encouraging development of sustainable practices forest management.

$900/ $2,100

Supporting the Sarayaku community in the Ecuadorean Amazon

In 2013 the Sarayaku community from the Ecuadorean headwaters of the Amazon won a historic verdict. The Inter-American Human Rights Court (IAHRC) of the Organization of American States (OAS) required the Ecuadorean government to stop all oil exploration on Sarayaku territory. However, this year Ecuador signed 2 oil exploration contracts with the Chinese State. Please help fund the fund Sarayaku's appeal.

$815/ $4,000

Western Ghats Rainforest Protection

Protect the rainforests and indigenous peoples of the Western Ghats rainforests in Kerala, India. Husband and wife team Sathis Chandran Nair and S. Santhi have been the backbone of efforts to protect the Western Ghats rainforests of Kerala since a protracted campaign finally stopped a mega dam and protected The Silent Valley in a national park in 1980.


$1,506/ $4,000

Plant a Tree and Save the Cassowary

The Southern Cassowary is threatened with extinction and urgently needs your help!! The number one threat is the loss of habitat so in the lead up to on World Cassowary Day Saturday 24th September we need you to join us and do one thing - Plant a Tree and Save the Cassowary!!

$10/ $10,000